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Graceland...Amazing & Amazingly Kitschy

The King's Pantera...and How It Got Its Bullet Holes

Elvis' 1960 Lincoln Mark V limousine auctioned at Barrett-Jackson

More on the Elvis Automobile Museum at Graceland

Old, a classic site for classic rides

Chrysler article on genius car designer Virgil Exner

"Virgil Exner: Visioneer" 2007 Biography

"Future Retro: Drawings From The Great Age of The American Automobile". A must for students of auto design & American 50's pop culture

Think YOU're car-obsessed, check out Jay Leno's garage

Sweet Chariots: More on Leno's Collection

But who really has the world's largest private car collection?

Holy hair pomade, Batman, there's even a Rockabilly HotRod Dating Site!

Drive-Invasion Event Guide

It's Roadside! Offbeat Tourist Attractions

So Who Is "Von Dutch" Anyway? A Little History...

The Most Expensive Car Ever Auctioned: Think it's this 1966 Shelby Cobra
or maybe the original Duke's of Hazard 1969 Charger "General Lee" ? What about Hitler's 1939 Auto Union D-Type racer?

Rich's Huge Fan Site For Pontiac Enthusiasts

Let's Have Some 'Mo Elvis--------

Entire site devoted to Elvis' Cadillacs

Missouri preacher selling his "Elvis Is Alive" Museum, complete with '74 Cadillac

A few more of those fluff pieces on "What Your Taste In Cars Says About Your Personality"...
From Forbes,
AskMen, and
the view from a consumer psychologist


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